Compact Data Collection Platform

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1. Compact Data Collection Platform

4. Compact Data Collection Platform A compact Data Collection Platform is the whole unit in a single compact enclosure ● Small and lightweight ● All units inside a single weatherproof enclosure ● Very low power consumption ● Uses Li-ion batteries ● Easy plugin connectors for solar and sensor connection

5. Benefits of CDCP ● Compact Size ○ Easy to install within an hour ○ DCP house not required ○ Minimal structure required for holding CDCP and Solar Panels ○ Only two connections required; for solar panel and for sensor ○ Low Mean Time to Repair (Exchange of CDCP is very easy) ○ Easy to transport ( 1 Kg)

2. Data Collection Platform ● Classical DCP consists of ○ Data Logger ○ Communication modem ○ Power supply ( Solar charge controller & battery) ○ Terminals for connection between DCP and Solar panel / Battery/ Sensor ○ Metal enclosure to accommodate everything above ○ Long cables connecting DCP to Sensor

3. Problems with DCP ○ Bulky as all the parts are seperate ○ High power consumption requiring bigger solar panels and battery ○ Complicated wiring requirements ○ Long cables connecting the DCP and sensors ■ Vulnerable to cable vandalism and theft ■ Vulnerable to lightning damages ○ Higher Mean Time to Repair ○ Difficulty in transportation of full equipment

7. Benefits of CDCP ● Low cost ● Shorter sensor cable ○ Less vulnerable to lightning damages ○ Less vulnerable to cable theft and vandalism ● Online configuration via internet ● Local configuration using wifi ● Online firmware upgrade ● Built in anti-theft / vandalism sensor ○ Can send instant alert in case of movement

6. Benefits of CDCP ● Very low power consumption ○ Small solar panel is enough ■ Less vulnerable to Solar panel vandalism ■ Easy installation ○ Small battery requirement ■ Li-ion can be used ● Can full charge very quickly ● Very light weight compared to Lead acid ● Long life more than 5 years ■ Battery can last for more days - months


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