About Us

Real Time Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is an organization dedicated to providing turnkey solutions to solve real-life problems. We are an ensemble of engineers, technicians, marketing professionals, and management personnel. Our competitive advantage lies in our diverse collection of knowledge under a single roof, and our capability of understanding business requirements for organizations in developing countries and providing customized solutions to solve their problems.


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To work for organizations in developing countries by providing world-class technology solutions through continuous research and innovative concepts

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To become a world-renowned one-stop company providing technological services to all domains

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We understand that the business requirements for organizations in developing countries are different. We seek to provide customized solutions as required by the organization.


Circuit Designing and Layout

Firmware Designing and Programming

Embedded System Engineering

Mechanical Design 

Software Design and Development

Business Process Re-engineering

Hydrology, Meteorology and Glaciology 

Business Requirement Analysis and Modeling

Application Development

Project Management 

Installation and Commissioning

Market Research and Training