Visitor Management System

Office Administration has many responsibilities for proper management of office. Visitor Management System is one of the technologies that can help office administrators in monitoring visitors and also restricting unwanted guests into the building. The Visitor Management System is a very simple device with a touch screen and RFID readers.

Visitor Management System is an extension to security management. It eliminates the drawbacks of earlier methods of visitor registration through register books. Register books are bulky, hard to analyze, keep track of and can be very frustrating if we want details on the visitors. Having a computer makes it easy to view visitor status and keep a track of them. The database keeps records of all visitors registered in the visitor management. They can be for official visit or personal visit, giving the management an extra eye to monitor their employees.


  • Keep records of visitors entering the office building

  • Reduce paperwork on registering the visitors

  • Reduce timetaken by the visitor to register

  • Easy interface for issuing the visitor cards

  • Report on visitors for each employee when required

  • Print the names of the people inside the building in case of any earthquake, fire etc.

All devices are connected to a web server where all data will be stored for report generation. The software will be web-based so personnel with an authorized username and password can view the reports from the devices.


  • Gets the employee information from the time and attendance system

  • Each visitor registration is stored in the data base for reporting purpose

  • Has an in-built thermal printer for printing out names of the people in the building for incase of any earthquake, fire or any other mishaps

  • Keeps records of visitor’s card assigned to each visitor

  • Easy registration of visitor’s card through RFID recognition

  • Can be used as a small information center for the visitors

  • Visitor’s information and the employee status can be viewed by the reception or managers for their reference

  • Visitors can register even if the employee is not present in the office building


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