Sports Score Board


  • Outdoor/Indoor Score Board

  • Operating Temperature: -20ºC to 90ºC

  • 48" by 14" dimension (min), as per game

  • 4" digital display for Player/Team name, score and time

  • 2-3 digits seven segment display for displaying each Player/Team score

  • A pair of 6-8 characters dot matrix display for displaying each Player/Team name

  • 4" seven segment HH:MM format counter clock

  • Counter clock can be used as a stopwatch or timer

  • Power Consumption: 240V



  • Outdoor/Indoor Score Board

  • Facility of Up-count and Down-count of scores

  • Board background can be customized as per user demand

  • Easy user interface keypad module with embedded LCD displaying Player/Team score

  • Keypad contains alphabetic and functional keys for control of score board

  • Keypad module is connected to the scoreboard through the RJ45 network cable

  • Easy one touch score reset


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Sports Score Board