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Public sectors are often criticized by the public for unsatisfactory services. Long hours of waiting and standing in lines are the scenario we see and face in many public places. A slight upgrade in the way the crowds are dealt with, a small investment in solutions just so that the public can comfortably wait for their service turns, would make the public feel that they have been taken care of. The feeling that the organization does care about their waiting experience enhances the value of the organization.

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Financial Sector

Poor customer service is the primary reason customers switch banks. Retaining your present customers is much more important than getting new ones. It's lot cheaper and profitable retaining your customers than it is to acquire new ones . The quality of customer service that one gets in the bank premises is the corporate image that the customer remembers and relates to. A Financial organization should keep upgrading the way they serve their customers to be competitive among their competitors.

More than 60% of the Easy-Q installations have taken place in financial sectors.

Easy-q Products used in Health Sectors are:


Health Care Sector

The health care sector is all about service with a warm touch. A good health care center would make a patient feel comfortable the moment you enter their premises. It is very important to create a calm environment in the outpatient department and the waiting lobby.

Easy-q health care sector

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Retail Sector

In the retail sector, the waiting time of the customers play a vital role. If your customers have to wait too long, they will walk away without waiting. And if you serve the customers too quickly, they don't get enough time to browse around. Managing the customer's waiting time in retail sector helps increase the firm's revenue substantially.

Easy-q Products used in Retail Sectors are:


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