SNTP Clock with Temperature and Humidity Sensor

SNTPC-TH-4I4D-XX (SNTP Clock with temperature and humidity sensor)


  • Data Centers

  • Hospitals and Clinics

  • Pharmaceutical and food processing plants

  • Manufacturing / Industrial Complexes

  • Educational Institutes


  • Time is automatically set by SNTP (Simple network time protocol)

  • Inbuilt accurate temperature and humidity sensor

  • Temperature, humidity and dewpoint information can be pushed to a database in certain intervals

  • Setting change using any browser, no software required

  • Supports both DHCP and Static IP addressing

  • Time display in 12 or 24 hours format

  • Mounting options: Wall mount and roof mount

  • Power saving mode: Turn on / off time configurable

  • Reset button for factory default settings

  • Last decimal blinks when network problem is detected

  • Suitable for any size facilities

Technical Specifications:

  • 4 Inch height and 4 Digit segment displays

  • Viewing distance: 50 meters

  • Temperature accuracy: +- 0.3 ºC

  • Humidity accuracy: +- 1.8 %Rh

  • Time synchronization protocol: SNTP

  • Clock configuration: HTTP

  • Network Interface: 10/100 BaseT ethernet, RJ45 jack

  • Power supply: POE or 18Vdc

  • Casing: Acrylic

  • Operating temperature: -5ºC to 60ºC

Warranty: 2 Years


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