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SNTP Clock works on the Network Time Protocol (NTP) that provides a reliable way of transmitting and receiving the time over TCP/IP networks. It has become the defacto standard for synchronizing Internet computers and other networked devices to Universal Coordinated Time (UTC), which is accomplished by having these devices reference a common time source – i.e., an atomic clock or a network time server (a.k.a. an “NTP server”).

SNTP Clock is the most accurate self synchronizing clock available in the market today. Our SNTP Clocks can be customized according to the customer preference and be fitted with a wider array of sensors to display Date, Humidity, Temperature, etc. Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP) is a simplified version of NTP, which is used in cases where a full implementation of NTP is not required. Because SNTP uses the same packet format as NTP, SNTP clients can utilize NTP servers.

SNTP clocks are available in 4.0” high characters with a 4 or 6 digit display.

The clock will receive its time from a SNTP time server for accurate timekeeping, thus eliminating the need of a master clock.


  • Mounting options: Wall mount and roof mount

  • Time Synchronized using SNTP (Simple Network Time Protocol)

  • Static IP or DHCP Addressing

  • Display time in 12 or 24hrs format

  • Settings accessible using any browser through LAN, no software required

  • Colour options: Red, Green, Blue

  • Power saving mode: Turn on / off time configurable

  • Reset button for factory default settings

  • Last decimal blinks when network problem is detected

  • Suitable for any size facilities


  • 4 Inch height and 4 Digit segment displays

  • Viewing distance: 50 meters

  • Clock configuration: HTTP

  • Network Interface: 10/100 BaseT ethernet, RJ45 jack

  • Power supply: POE or 18Vdc

  • Casing: Acrylic

  • Operating temperature: -5C to 60C

Warranty: 2 Years


  • Transportation Centers

  • Government Organizations

  • Educational Institutes

  • Hospitals and Clinics

  • Manufacturing / Industrial Complexes

  • Embassies

Highly useful for media houses, production houses, publication houses, hospitals, financial institutions, manufacturing bases, airports, etc where accomplishing tasks on the right time is very critical.



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