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"Make your product easier to buy than your competition, or you will find your customers buying from them, not you."

- Mark Cuban



Requirement Analysis

The first step in creating quality customer service is getting the requirement analysis done properly. No project should be started without understanding the requirement first. For normal cases requirement analysis should be done with at least 5 years of projection in mind.

Some of the few questions that need to be answered are:

  • Maximum, average and minimum number of expected customers
  • Maximum ,average and minimum time required to serve the customers
  • Number of counters or tellers required to serve the customers
  • Number of sitting arrangements required for the waiting customers




Queue Simulation

In its broadest sense, queuing theory is the study of contention for the use of a shared, but limited, resource. It is comprised of models and formulas that describe the relationships between service requests, congestion, and delay.

Queuing theory may be extended to cover a wide variety of contention situations, such as how many customers a teller can handle, what would be the minimum, average and maximum time a customer might have to wait to receive the service, etc.

Queue simulation allows an organization to visualize the business scenario before it invests in infrastructure developments.


Work Flow Design

Work flow is a  term used to describe the flow of work between people in an organization, allowing it to be defined and monitored. In document management terms, workflow is used in the context of monitoring the creation, distribution and retrieval of documents.

Proper work flow design can:

  • Make the overall  system more efficient,
  • Reduce the operational cost of an organization,
  • Reduce the time taken to get a task done

In modern organizations computer hardware, software and IT networks play an important role in work flow design. Converting people centric work flow to IT centric work flow is what optimizes the utilization of capital resources.



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