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The ticket unit houses buttons with respective functions (service requests) which when pressed prints out tickets / receipts. Each button on the unit has a service assigned to it e.g. if the customer arriving needs to deposit cash then he presses the Cash button and if he is is there for cheque deposit then he presses the button for the same service.

The printer prints the respective ticket according to the service requested for. The ticket holds the information regarding the company, date, the person's ticket number and service request.

The ticket number has a prefix character. The A represents the service. A prefix can be assigned for each service class, e.g. in this case the Business class service has the prefix A and the token numbers generated are in the series A1, A2, A3.....etc. If we choose the prefix C for CASH then the token number generated for this service is C1, C2, C3...etc.


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