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Invitation Display

Invitation displays are used in sites where the waiting room is different than the customer service room/s. The customers with queue numbers lower than the numbers being displayed in the invitation display are supposed to enter the customer service room. The waiting room maybe a waiting lobby, an outdoor sitting arrangement etc.

Invitation displays have proven to be very useful for sites with small customer service halls.



Counter Display

The counter display uses bright 7-segment display to call the customer to the counter.

A pleasant ding-dong sound and the blinking display alerts when a new number is called.

Counter display used in addition to the diverter display, ensures that the customer do not miss the called numbers. It also helps in minimizing confusions among the customers as to which counter to proceed to. For one man on queue, the counter displays are a necessity not an option.For multi service setups, the first digit in the counter display, displays characters such as A, C, E, F etc.


Diverter Display

This display is used to guide the customer to the counter where his number is being called. The first 4digits shows the queue number and the second 2 digits shows the counter number.

The diverter display comes in many configurations such as:

1) Single Row Display

2) Two Rows Display

3) Three Rows Display

Different configurations are chosen according to the customer rush or as per client demand.

For multi row display, the first row shows the latest event and is passed on to the second row, when a new event is triggered.When the third event comes the latest event is displayed in the first row, the second row displays the second event and the third row displays the oldest event. This way the system makes sure that the customers do not miss their call even during rush hours.

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