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Product Line Display

Product Line Display

Product line displays are special type of displays to show the system performance. The displays can be directly connected to the PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) or other hardware to give real time information of the system. Employees are notified instantly on any deviation in the system




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Exchange Rate and Interest Rate Displays

Forexdisplay BoardEasy-Q Display Solutions also includes displays like Exchange Rate Displays and Interest Rate Displays. They can be in any size or color with a personal branding with your company logo. The display will have an easy computer interface form where you can update the rates as per your requirement.


Display Solutions

Led Matrix DisplayEasy-Q display solutions provides a wide range of displays such as LED matrix display, 7-segment display and Alpha-numeric display in custom shape and size.

You can easily download contents and also add few visual effects to the text using Windows based software.

These displays can be connected to the PC-QMS system and can be programmed to display different automated contents such as :


  • Promotional Contents
  • Organizational news and events
  • Special offers from the Organization
  • National and international news and events

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